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  • INX-ZA 2021/23 Committee Election
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Per the INX-ZA management committee Terms of Reference, we will hold elections to elect new members to the INX management committee.  This will be on online-only election;  and the results are expected to be announced during the INX-ZA September user meeting on 2 September 2021.

As a reminder, the INX Committee is open to anyone from the community, and is not limited to geography, nor exclusively peering participants.  The term period will be 2021-2023.

Only networks that peer at an INX-ZA managed IX may vote, and voting is restricted to one vote per organisation (ASN).  The voting period will be from 26 August 2021 06h00 UTC until 2 September 2021 12h00 UTC.

This list is ascending alphabetically (sorted by first name).

NameBrief Bio
Jabulani Vilakazi

(bio received after publication) 

I have worked in the Telecommunications Industry for the past 12 years.  Seven years in the corporate world with MTN in the early days of GPRS, EDGE, HSDPA and resigned post the launch of the 3G technology.

Passionate about developing technologies and Information access for the underserviced areas. Started an NPO Soweto Wireless User Group (SOWUG) a Non profit organization in Soweto that has built Wireless network Infrastructure in and around Soweto. The infrastructure is used by township start-up entrepreneurs operating as micro WISPS.

Worked with Brightwave technologies a company that deployed over 200 Wi-Fi hostpots in Soweto as a Service Delivery Manager. In 2016 started a WISP Njinjicom Pty Ltd currently servicing 150+ customers.

 Served as a Committee member for Wireless Access Providers Association (WAPA) from 2013 - 2014.

Passionate for Community Networks, currently establishing Wi-Fi hotspots for informal settlements.

Robert Jooste

Robert Jooste is a senior networking engineer at Workonline Communications and has worked in ICT since 2005. Over the past five years, he has established himself as an avid Internet champion. He is a founding member of the KZN Network Operators Group, and involved in bringing together and supporting regional NOGs across South Africa. He gets a kick out of watching small ISPs grow from a few Mbps to Gigs of traffic, and is committed to helping them every step of the way.

Robert is known for being the go-to guy when sharing issues and looking for solutions to make the Internet better in Africa. And when he's not doing that, he's surfing (in the real world) and spending time with his family.

Sarel Roos

Sarel Roos started his IT career back in 2001 as an IT Manager for Sappi at the Enstra Mill and progressed to the IT Manager for the Adamas Mill in Port Elizabeth. Sarel spent just under 6 years with Sappi and the IT bug had bitten him forever.

He then moved onto Sanofi as their IS Manager for Sub-Saharan African, a position that gave him international experience. During his time at Sanofi he caught the attention of Huawei and took up a position as Service Delivery Manager on the Telkom Mobile (Previously 8ta) Managed Services Project. Sarel’s career at Huawei progressed fast and he was soon involved in Operational Support Systems and became a Subject Matter Expert for the East and South African divisions of Huawei. Sarel spent just under 2 years with Huawei before he moved onto Integr8 IT working on the MTN IT Outsourced Project. Sarel spent a year and half on the MTN project before he decided he wanted to break away from corporate and rather work with a young nimble start-up where the wealth of knowledge and experience he had gained, could be better applied not only to the business but also to upskilling young engineers and IT Professionals.

Sarel joined Aerocom Broadband Services as one of the Founding Members in 2016. The company expanded rapidly into offering managed VSAT services, VoIP Services and Fibre to the Business services to a vast array of different clients. Aerocom and its subsidiaries now employ 36 staff in 2 offices and has been noted as one of the fastest growing ISPS by a number of large Fibre Network Operators. Aerocom through Sarel’s technical leadership has presence in 4 Teraco’s, has peering agreements with all major peering organisations and has IPT and NLD agreements with all the major players in the South African Market.

Sarel’s wealth of knowledge and vast experience using many technologies, solutions and different vendors means he will be an asset to any organisation.   

Toni Yannick Kalombo

Toni Kalombo is an open technology advocate and over a period of almost 20 years, Toni has innovated across telecommunications, mining, defense, automotive and financial sectors.  In 2019, Toni founded DevBoks, a software
and network automation company.

DevBoks is an Afrinic member and LIR (AS328910).

Toni currently serves as CEO and Managing Director of DevBoks. Toni’s day-to-day activities are focused on developing digital transformation strategies, software defined networking and blockchain platforms.  

Before DevBoks, Toni worked as a Software Engineering manager at SEACOM.  His past employment experience includes MTN, Denel, Blhum Burton Engineering and BMW.

Trevor Damster

Trevor has over 16 years of experience in the information technology industry and is a highly respected certified Mikrotik Engineer and Trainer. He certified as a Mikrotik Trainer in 2017 in Riga Latvia and at the time was one of only 2 certified Mikrotik Trainers that had completed all eight Mikrotik certifications.

Trevor has held positions from network engineer to senior network engineer all the way up to CTO. Trevor recently held a CTO position at HX Systems, an Herotel company which specialised in the management and maintenance of Herotel networking and internet distribution.  During Trevor’s tenure as CTO he managed teams that drove an IPV6 project that deployed full IPV6 functionality to Herotel and some of its subsidiaries.

In 2021 Trevor joined Aerocom Broadband Services to manage one of its subsidiaries OpnAxs. This subsidiary has an expansive wireless network in the Western Cape Southern Peninsula that services 3000 + customers. Trevor holds the positions of Senior Network Engineer and is responsible for management, maintenance and modernisation of the network taking it into 2021 and beyond.

Trevor’s hunger for knowledge and constant personal upskilling means he is always at the cutting edge of networking and the application of various technologies.