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  • INX-ZA 2019/21 Committee Election
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Per the INX-ZA management committee Terms of Reference, we will hold elections during iWeek 2019 to elect a new management committee.  As a reminder, the INX Committee is open to anyone from the community;  not limited to geography, nor peering peers.  The candidate list will be published here once finalised.

Only peering networks may vote, and voting is restricted to one vote per organisation.  Onsite voting will take place during the INX-ZA user meeting at iWeek 2019 (26 August 2019, 16:00).  Voting will take place by secret ballot.

This list is ascending alphabetically (sorted by first name).

Ben Roberts

Ben worked in electronic and software design of satellite paging systems and systems support of Voice over IP networks before joining Econet group in 2002. Initially as an engineer setting up and running networks at Econet Satellite Services, before moving on to become Chief Technical Officer at Liquid Telecom. Ben has been responsible for network and product strategy with Liquid Telecom as they have built an extensive African fibre network.

Ben has been on the INX committee since 2016.

Cobus Viljoen

Self-driven network engineer with over 13 years of networking experience,
having worked at multiple large ISP's as well as a consulting firm where our
focus was Mobile Networks. Passionate about what I do and always give 110%.
Failure is not an option and I live by the motto of "Do it right the first
time". Always keeping up to date with current and upcoming technologies is a
hobby of mine

Edrich de Lange

Edrich de Lange has been working in the ISP field since 2008, and is currently a consultant to various small ISPs around Durban. He has been on board of various Non profit organisations and groups in both the IT field and others since high school, and has a deep love for involvement in the community."

Hein Heesen

Heinrich is currently CTO iConnect SA, where he has built the network from layer 1 to 7.

He manages a team of technical experts in the following domains: Core IP networking, VoIP, Security, Hosted PBX, Web applications, MySQL, Radius, Design and Development of custom Billing systems and more.
Heinrich is passionate about the Internet and Networking industry, dreaming of creating an ISP from school days.
As shareholder and investor of Clear Voice and iConnect he ensured delivery of the fundamental technologies to deliver next generation services to customers. Allowing the business to grow to over 130 people.
This includes budget planning, and costing of related products to fit into the market.
Heinrich has an engineering degree from University of Pretoria. Bing(Computer Engineering).
Past experience includes Vodacom as a Radio planner and Skycom as a systems engineer.
Other passions and skills include hardware development, embedded development and communication standards.

Malcolm SiegelMalcolm has been actively involved with the South African internet communities since he was a boy. He has worked in South Africa and the UK. He has a love of networking, peering and cloud computing.
Malcolm has been on the ISPA INX-ZA committee for 2 years

He is currently a Director of Routed Hosting which is the first Carrier Neutral cloud platform in South Africa.

Prenesh Padayachee

Prenesh has been involved in ICT for over 25 years and in the internet industry for the last 20 years. He has worked at one of the leading internet service providers in the country as well one of the primary telecommunications provider in South Africa. Prenesh has worked in both Technology as well as Sales and Marketing roles , which has enabled him to amass extensive experience in the entire value chain of broadband as well as internet service provision. 

He has been instrumental in driving down the cost of fixed broadband in South Africa and continues to have a keen interest in driving down the cost to communicate across the African continent. He currently consults to a number of organization in the Telecoms and ISP space.

Ranveer Seetaloo

Ranveer is a Director at Rogers Capital Technology Services (RCTS).  He is a a seasoned senior network professional with more than ten years’ international exposure in core network build outs and management at operator level, is very much eager to contribute and share his vision for architecting a better and more democratic internet for Africa and for all.  

Participated actively in crafting the internet policy in Mauritius in 2013 together with the authority and other incumbents, he also contributed in setting up the peering at Mauritius Internet Exchange point. RCTS also became the first Mauritian operator to be present in Teraco Data center since 2012 and peering to NAP Africa and JINX and member of the ISPA through his leadership.

Ranveer is the current chair of the Mauritian Internet Exchange Point management committee, and, has previously served on the INX Management committee for the 2017/18 period.

Riaan Vos

Riaan has been actively involved with operations of INX-ZA environment from 2009 and have contributed to its excellent track record of unplanned outages.
Riaan is currently a member of the INX-ZA technical committee and have been a key contributor to the multisite expansion.
Riaan is forming part of the INX-ZA committee from 2016.

Riaan's biography follows:

Riaan has more than 12 years experience working in the industry with extensive experience on Service Provider backbone networks especially transport and peering.
Riaan is currently a Principal Network Specialist at Metrofibre Networx.

Throughout his career, Riaan has being exposed to numerous technologies such as the following:
* SR.

William Stucke

William was educated in 17 places in 3 continents, eventually getting some weird non-specific honours engineering degree in London.

That’s just as well, because he was a Construction, Project, Electrical, Mechanical, Systems and Control & Instrumentation Engineer – and that’s just in the Mining Industry.

After that, he wandered back to the Telecoms Industry and became a bit of a pain about telecoms liberalisation in Africa. Along the way, he co-founded ISOC-ZA, AfrISPA and NameSpace, and led all of them at some stage. He also made noises at ISPA, who were so glad he left that they gave him an award.

He programmed his first huge mainframe (with 36 K of hand-built Ferrite Core Memory) in 1972, built the first fibre optic network in an underground mine in 1987, started an ISP in 1996 and did a bunch of clever stuff no one else had thought of, with lots of help from his partners, until they bailed. For his sins, he ended up being an ICASA Councillor and is now a Consultant, flogging his enormous skills (and tiny ego) on the open market.